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Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile is a natural product made up of clay, a number of other naturally-occurring minerals and water. Glazed ceramic tile has a ceramic coating applied to the tile body which gives the tile its color and finish. Glazed ceramic tile is a popular choice for your interior floors and walls and offers unlimited decorating possibilities.

Some highlights of glazed ceramic tile are:

• Durability - can outlast many of the other types of flooring
• Easy Maintenance and Care - resists stains and can be cleaned up with a damp   mop or sponge with common household cleaners.
• Scratch Resistant - Grade III and Grade IV glazed ceramic tiles are highly   resistant to scratching.
• Environmentally Friendly - ceramic tile is manufactured using natural materials   and does not retain odors, allergens, or bacteria.
• Many Different Designs, Textures & Colors
• Fire Resistant & Water Resistant - ceramic tile doesn't burn nor emit toxic
  fumes and most glazed ceramic tile has a dense body that permits little or no   accumulation of moisture. These two factors make this type of flooring ideal for   kitchens.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tile is made with special clays and minerals that are kiln-fired at temperatures that can exceed 2400 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, porcelain is both harder and denser than other tile products. Additionally, porcelain is frost-proof as well as highly stain-, scratch-, and water-resistant.

Some highlights of porcelain tile are:

• Better performance. Tiles can be installed in heavy traffic area, and some types   are slip-resistant and ADA approved.
• The satin-finish tile exhibits the realistic, authentic look of stone (but without the   price of real stone). Through-body construction is superior to redbody because   the color is consistent through the entire tile.
• Higher breaking strength. Porcelain contains less clay and more feldspar (a   mineral) than regular ceramic tile. It’s also pressed at a higher pressure, making   it 30% harder than granite.
• Less water absorption. Therefore, less staining and easy to clean.

Stone Tiles

Unlike the types of tile described above, natural stones are not manufactured. They are cut from large blocks of stone which are mined from large stone quarries. Natural stones are obtained from all over the world, and include granite, travertine, marble, limestone and slate. One characteristic of natural stone is that there may be extreme variation in color and veining from tile to tile.

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