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The Benefits of Carpets and Rugs

• Provide Warmth & Comfort - Carpets provide actual thermal resistance.
• Softens Slips & Falls - It gives cushioning and safety for toddlers.
• Adds Beauty, Style & Color To A Room - Many colors & styles to choose.
• Reduces Noise - Carpets help absorb sounds.
Wears Well - Carpet can stay looking new for many years with proper care.

Types of Carpet

This type gets its durability through the type of fiber used, density of tufts and the amount of twist in the yarn. Highly twisted yarn will hold its shape longer, making it a smart choice for high-traffic areas.

TEXTURED PLUSH - Textured surfaces help hide footprints and vacuum marks.
SAXONY - Refined surface. Ideal for living and dining rooms.
FRiEZÉ - Helps minimize footprints and vacuum marks.
PLUSH (Velvet) - Shows footprints and vacuum marks easily.

Level Loop Pile:
Here loops are the same height, creating an informal look. This style generally lasts a long time in high-traffic areas. Many of today’s popular Berber styles are level loop styles with flecks of a darker color on a lighter background. This is a good choice for contemporary to cottage furnishings.

Multi-level loop pile:
This style usually has two to three different loop heights to create pattern effects, providing good durability and a more casual look.

Cut-loop pile:
This carpet style combines cut and looped yarns. It provides variety of surface textures, including sculptured effects of squares, chevrons and swirls. The multi color effects hide soil and stains.

Facts on Fiber

The type of fiber used and the way the carpet is constructed determine how well the carpet will stand up to spills, pets and daily traffic.

There are five basic types of carpet pile fibers.

Nylon: Nylon fibers are wear-resistant, resilient and provide brilliant color& resist stains.

Olefin (polypropylene): Olefin fibers are strong, resist wear and permanent stains and are easily cleaned. These fibers are colorfast. Olefin resists static electricity and is often used in both indoor and outdoor installations because of its resistance to moisture and mildew.

Polyester: Polyester is noted for luxurious, soft “hand” when used in thick, cut-pile textures. It has excellent color clarity and retention, cleans easily and is inherently stain resistant.

Wool: Wool is noted for its luxury and performance. It is soft, has high bulk and is available in many colors and patterns. Generally, wool is somewhat more expensive than synthetic fibers.

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